Ashtavinayk Temples

Ashtavinayak literally means eight Ganeshas in sanskrit. Ganesha is the Hindu deity of prosperity and success. This term also refers to a pilgrimage to the eight temples in Maharashtra state of India.Ashtavinayaka or eight Ganeshas is located in Maharashtra state of India.All the Eight Ashtavinayak Templs are Swayambhu (self-originated) and Jagrut.There are various names of Lord Ganesh for various places. The various names of Lord Ganesh are Moreshwar, Mahaganpati, Chintamani, Girijatmak, Vighneshwar, Siddhivinayak, Ballaleshwar and Varad Vinayak.

Moreshwar, Morgoan 
This Moreshwar temple is situated along the Karha River in the Morgaon village. It is the most important of all the eight Ashtavinayak temples and has four gates. 

At this spot Ganesha, riding a peacock in the form of Mayureshwara is believed to have slained the demon Sindhu. This idol has its trunk turned to the left and a cobra poised over it to protect it.