VaradVinayak Temple, Mahad :Other Places near Mahad

1) Shri Gagangiri Ashram, Khopoli :
Over the years, places associated with Shri Gagangiri have emerged as ashrams and places of pilgrimage. The prominent amongst them are the ashrams at Gagangad and Khopoli where Maharaj resides for the major part of the year.

2) Zenith Waterfalls, Khopoli:
This is close next to Lonavala’s waterfalls in popularity. So expect to see many picnickers here. The waterfall’s known to be heavy, so if you expect to just wet yourself with trickles, then this isn’t the spot for you. places of interest

3)Shankar mandir, Khopoli :
Khopoli has a "fine oval shaped reservoir" and a temple of God Mahadev as Vireshwar built by Nana Phadnavis. The reservoir is built of solid and strong black rock and is oval shaped. The circumference of the reservoir is about 1207 m and it covers an area of about 75000 sq m. The reservoir holds excellent water throughout the year. The reservoir has surrounding walls also built in stone and are of a width of about 1.5 m to 1.8 m. The reservoir has stone steps leading to the water. The temple is of a height of about 22.9 m m from the base to the top and the foundation measures 12.2 m x 6.1 m. Inside is the image of God Shiva. The Sabha mandap measures about 6.1 m x 3.1 m. At the entrance of the temple is a samadhi. A fair is held in honour of the temple deity on Mahasivaratri day

4) Khandala & Lonawala
Khandala & Lonawala is twin hill station,favourite getaway for Bombay people. Its 102 km from Mumbai.Favourite place for Boollywood,ofcourse nowdays song&dance routine , they shoot , NZ , Aussi. Its favourite weekend getway from Bombay. Weekends will be crowded.Hotell all packed at weekend. If anyone is interested treckking,rock climbing then its good starting point for all these activites.

5)Adlabs Imegica :
Adlabs Imagica is a theme park based near Mumbai situated in Khopoli. It is India's first entertainment theme based park. It has roller-coasters and theme based rides as it's major attractions.Adlabs Imagica is a theme park near the city of Khopoli on Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Adlabs Imagica mumbai pune ebpress highway , Khopoli